New Do


I've been doing some major updates in my online life lately.

I realized, like so many other people in my program, that if I'm going to talk-the-talk I better walk-the-walk. So I started to up-my-game on my Instagram account and I honestly don't know why it took me so long! Unfortunately, these last three years of school, my blog has been on the back-burner and I always felt like "yeah yeah I'll get to that," but it needed a major reboot — all of my widgets stopped working, it looked messy and outdated, and it was just not working for me!  

All this to say — and all excuses aside — here it is, the new do! I am very pleased with it. We will see as the coming months approach what other changes and modifications will need to be done to get this up and running and consistent. I am formulating a plan, and you best believe that like any good communications student there will be a content calendar — until then enjoy looking around :)