This is a problem.

I can't lie sometimes I am enveloped in all the things I cannot do. 

Sometimes I think that I am not good enough to do this or that. And I am my own worse enemy for believing in these thoughts. 

I am struck with an overwhelming sadness however, when I hear young girls do the same. Because someone told them that girls could not do that, that society has made them believe that they are not good enough. 

Why would you want your kids to grow up in a world where they are taught not what their abilities are, or what their mind can achieve, but what society has deemed what they can and cannot do. 

When you go to a waterpark and girls as young as five years old are clutching their arms across their rounded stomachs. When sitting under a metal frame tent a six year old girl exclaims that she bets it was 'a men' who put it up because girls couldn't do it. 

At some point someone has to tell them that they are perfect, that their beauty and self-worth is not determined by what they see as their imperfections. And at some point someone has to stop and tell them that they can do whatever they set their minds to, that their ability is not dictated by their gender. 

And then maybe we'd have girls be girls again. Where body image is positive. Where we are free from the afflictions of what size of jeans we wear or how flat our stomach is. 

And then maybe it wouldn't be a question of whether or not a guy or a girl could do it, but 'who' could do it. And then maybe we would be living in a world of ability, that wasn't hindered by something as trivial as gender. 

This matter does not just affect girls either, I am fully aware of that, gender equality is not just a battle for women.

But if you see something like this in a mind that does not know the full extent of the effects that this thinking has on them, I beg of you to correct it. To tell them how wrong it is to think that way. And then maybe we can fix it.