A Change in Name

It's been over three years since I started this blog. It seems so weird to think about. My sixteen year old self trying to muss up some kind of creative outlet, safe place, home.

I've been thinking about it for awhile, a change in name, that is. Something that reflected what I started out to do and what it has turned out to be. Something that could last. 

"And I will never forget the plans and the silhouettes you drew here" ~ Ben Howard

That is one of my most favourite images. 

I hope to never forget the plans and silhouettes I draw here. 

As much as this is me trying to figure out so many different feelings and figuring out how to live life, it's also a very real memoir, a living one. It's not often that I read over my posts, but when I do I gain a perspective of how far I've come and how so many things have changed since then. 

I hope to continue to write and to continue to figure this thing out.

And I guess if you are reading this now you would like me to as well.

So...here is to all of the plans and silhouettes I draw here. To all of the plans and silhouettes I have already laid out, to those unwritten, to those that I cannot yet find the words for, to those that I haven't even thought of, I hope never to forget any of them.