Pinterest Inspiration // 11

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Somehow I've made it through my first batch of midterms and essays, nothing worse for wear as far as I can tell...except perhaps my dishes are piling up which poses a problem when you want to have a cup of tea, or just one spoonful of ice cream. Not that that's what's happened here anyway...
What I'm trying to say I suppose is that I am in great need of some inspiration! Out with the books and psych terms and in with some sweet nothings!

1. My dorm room is quite drab I would say, I need to get on this temporary gallery wall idea. Nat! I think there's a photo-booth calling our name! And we should be all over that :)
2. Lately, Paris and London seem to be on my mind. I've been going through some of my blogposts where I've posted pictures of my trip last June, while listening to Ben Howard, that is basically a recipe for nostalgia! (P.S. you can too if you want, just click, here, here, here and here)
3. Monochrome? Yes. 
4. I've been thinking a lot about the future and people I love. I get sad thinking that I might have to say goodbye to them for what seems like ages, but will probably only be a moment in time. And I've noticed that they are the ones that "get it". They just do. And it's amazing. It's also terrifying thinking that they might be gone. What if I don't find anyone else that "gets it"?
5. My ideal red. I've been thinking of going red off and on for a long time now. This reading week just might be the time! Who knows!