It's not often you get to live out a dream. I was incredibly lucky to go on this trip with my grandparents and I can't thank them enough. These are still shots of moments that inspired me along the way, and the first stop is London!!
^^ The Columbia Road Flower market ^^
^^ Portobello Road ^^
^^ Oxford Circus a.k.a. best-day-ever ^^

^^ Carnaby Street -- off Oxford St ^^
^^ The London Eye and walking along the Thames ^^
^^ Buckingham Palace and surrounding gardens -- apparently The Queen was hosting an afternoon tea and I guess she didn't know we were in the country because we didn't get an invitation! Choked!! ^^
^^ Getting wonderfully lost on the way to find Harrods -- the walk and the scenery were wonderful, my feet felt like they were broken, that wasn't very wonderful though ^^

We stayed in thee smallest apartment, along thee busiest street, we came accustomed to the stuffy tube rides, getting lost and pulling out the map, fumbling through foreign change and in retrospect it was all perfect. 

The first day we went to the ever famous and crowded, Columbia Road Flower Market, it was situated in a small alleyway, under the blaring sun, and all we wanted to do was have a drink of water and buy all the flowers! We then found our way to Portobello Road Market and bought some hats in one of the stalls. 

The second day we made it to the bustling Oxford Circus where I was #feelingspendy, got to look into all the greats, TopShop, & Other Stories, COS, Muji. I believe this was the night we spent at St. Martin's Theatre where we saw The Mousetrap -- also the one and only time we ever experienced London rain! 

The third and final day we kicked off by going on the London Eye, walking along the Thames, Buckingham Palace and the surrounding gardens, and getting lost finding Harrods! 

London was beautiful and I hope I will be able to see her again :)

Three more stops to go...