Christies' Greenhouse

A little video of our greenhouse excursion this past May long weekend. 

It's so inspiring going to a greenhouse. You can't help but get excited about gardening, when you see all of those colourful palettes filled with beautiful new life.

                                   ...that is until you're a week behind your weeding and it all gets a little overwhelming...

I wouldn't know this from experience though. I'm very the weeding...department...

Nevertheless, what a weird couple of weeks. Went to the city a couple of times and shopped till I dropped (yes, I did get that leather jacket from zara -- I know you were dying to know)! 

Also left my brother in the city, which was hard. It feels a little too empty here, and different.

The two week countdown is on now for my trip to England and France! WAHOO!!

The grass is green. The trees are budding out. The frogs are a little too loud in their midnight rendezvous. The geese are back. The farmers are in their fields. 

It's almost like everything is right in this world...