Pinterest Inspiration // 8

Pinterest Inspiration // 8
1. Zsa Zsa Bellagio 2. Social Proper 3. Blog Baesil 4. Topshop 5. KENDI everyday 6. A Pair of Pears 7. Zanita

1. Most of my "Mouthwatering" board on Pinterest has been taken over these past couple of weeks by cakes that I pinned purely for how they were decorated, one of my favourites is this white ruffly cake edged with gold and topped with roses.

2. That's not what ships are for. I have a difficult time thinking about leaving home and going to school, I know it will be difficult at first and be terrifying, but that it will get better. I can't quite get my head past suddenly being so very alone and out of my comfort zone, I also know, however, that I can't stay here at "harbour" because that's not what I was made for.

3. I want to live there. Wherever it is. In the meantime, where can I get a striped bed set? And an apartment in London?

4. Plaid has been spotted quite frequently on my "Lovely threads of cotton" board, also, tweed and herringbone. I have yet to get my hands on either one. It's quite shocking really. I should get on that.

5. I keep telling myself that spring is around the corner, but really I just want it to be warm enough to wear something like this outside. When it's minus 25 and feels like minus 32, you won't be getting away with wearing something like this. I have more than once made the mistake of being overly optimistic and switched out my long heavy wool coat for a thinner fall version -- I may have turned to a popsicle.

6. Whilst planning my future as a student and planning my trip to Europe, I have felt as I lay in bed that I had "too many tabs open!" and it is a lot harder than just clicking the small "X" at the corner of each tab, when it's in your head.

7. This is a beautiful photoshoot and I love the effect that the 85mm lens has in comparison to a 55mm. It makes such a lovely hazy bokeh in the background, making the subject clearly the main focus.