Loving // Black Honey


On one of my online shopping sprees I got a few things from Sephora, and I picked up Clinique's All About Shadow in Black HoneyI had this on my wish list ever since I saw it featured in Anna's Autumn Edit (1:10) video on YouTube. 

This shadow is so highly pigmented and easy to blend. And it's such a beautiful rust, brown colour, that it really makes paler eyes pop. I think I've worn this every second day -- at least -- since I've gotten it and it has incredible staying power. In one sweep and some strategic blending you can have a great 5 sec eye, that looks like you put so much more effort into your make-up.

I haven't played around with other eye looks since getting this shadow, but have merely swept it all across the lid, blending it into the outer crease and adding a salmon coloured highlight in the inner corner. It's a great stand-alone look and I haven't had the desire to use it in any different way.

All in all, it's a great shadow that goes with everything, but steers away from the basic taupes and browns; bringing in a muted cranberry/rust red that makes a great statement and a good twist on a neutral eye.