Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as it will.

Every once in awhile a get a desire to write, 

something both deep and meaningful as well as short and aloof. 

A cheeky little story with minute details that don't seem to make any sense when just read point blank, 

but when dissected, mean everything.

I love to read stories like this too, stories that will send a chill down your spine, 

stories that you marvel at and never really, truly, understand what it is they mean,

but mean just the right thing in that moment. 

After that initial inspiration, the motivation never follows through. 

An idea or concept just does not seem to come into fruition,

and maybe it's the lack of those two things.

It's in these times I really miss English.

Where you regularly exercise this writing "muscle"

Where your given a topic, an image, or a concept and your told to run with it.

You would think straight away what the generic thing was to write,

And soon everyone was writing based around that,

but it only took a little bit of extra effort and imagination to take a seemingly insignificant detail,

and make it the main attraction.

Opening up the possibilities from something so straightforward,

making it blossom into something complex,

and making you wonder how you didn't see it that way in the beginning.