It's a time of celebration...


The celebration of my brother's birthday that we had last week
The celebration of summer (I think we skipped spring)
The celebration of Cinço de Mayo

Last week was my brother's 22nd birthday! My mom made the cake and I iced the rosettes, we celebrated with our cousins, grandparents and aunt, meanwhile the wind was howling and snow was covering the recently uncovered brown grass!

Our cousin-in-law from England asked if I was surprised about the weather (because it was promising to be spring before this unfortunate event!), impulsively I said, "Yeah!" and then I thought for a second, "Actually, no…I'm not…haha" -- or we shouldn't be anyway, sad as it is. 

If you don't like the weather -- wait 5 minutes. 

And if that wasn't shocking enough a week later (Sun-Mon) we had +30 weather! You definitely don't get used to the strange weather in Alberta's fall/spring but you can't say that your ever surprised at the fluctuating temperatures. 

Sunday was Cinço de Mayo, did anyone celebrate? We always make a point to have some sort of Mexican food for the holiday every year. It's sort of a tradition I guess…

I am recently obsessed with the band Bastille! It's crazy how good his voice is and the style of the music is definitely right down my alley. These are my favourite songs Pompeii (this live version is awesome) and Flaws.

My dad showed me this commercial for Travel Alberta, it makes me feel proud of the country/province that I live in! It is seriously a beautiful place and if you ever wish to see more of North America, Alberta should be part of your itinerary!

Have a wonderful rest of the week

xo Bronté