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I just watched this video and I thought it was cute…if I had an extra day and it remained special, because that's the catch I think, Everyday must be special always or it will very soon just become an extra Saturday or Friday, etc. If it remained special I would make a point to do everything I never have time to do or put off or always wanted to do, just on that day. I would make it a day where nothing was too great or insignificant, where I would do at least one thing that I have never done before or don't do often enough, like going to the local museum or watching the sunrise or taking a day trip with no destination. 
I think despite the fact that not every week are we going to take time to do these things, even if we should, the idea of Everyday is a nice thought and perhaps every so often we should set an Everyday to do all the things we can't in a regular week.

1. This picture is of Brighton, there must be some sort of fair going on…anyways I thought it was so pretty and I can't wait to see and experience these things when I go to Europe for my Grad trip!
2. Oh! Marion Cotillard, why are you so beautiful?! After my graduation I'm going to grow out my hair into this sort of bob, blunt, and long enough that I can curl it like this. It's going to be tough I think…a lot of growing pains to go through I think!
3. This watercolour…it's very french and I love it so!
4. I think everyday and I don't mean Everyday, we should be reminded of this…
5. I don't think I need to explain why this dress is here. Oh! just look at it…I would love to flounce around in that…
6. I love the simplicity of the girls outfit and that she has left her nails and lips as the main focus. Plus I love the pose that she is in and the focal point…just all around lovely :)
7. This picture makes me ache for summer slash spring slash the snow to be gone!! Ugh, if only I could take my bike out and feel my legs burn and the breeze on my face and the crunch of gravel beneath the tires…one can dream…

xxoo Bronté