Pinterest Inspiration 5

1. Unknown 2. tinkijenn via flickr 3. This Modern Romance 4. Design Sponge 5. Unknown 6. Unknown

It's been quite a week! I've finished all my exams and now can breathe easy...kind of. Whilst staying at my Great Grandma's I've been going to school studying (sometimes all-day) for a math diploma that wasn't. My grade had the great privilege of blazing forth a new curriculum for High School math, as we entered our provincial exam and started our tests something didn't seem right, however we continued and two thirds of the way through something was very wrong! Our Vice Principal came around to each of us, 10 minutes left in our exam, "You've probably noticed by now that your writing the wrong exam, just finish up as best as you can, we're working on straightening this out." Umm...I'm sorry but you made us go through two and a half hours of inner turmoil, leading us to believe that we were probably going to fail an exam which is worth half our grade?! You expect us to finish an exam with questions that we have never even heard of before?! Let's just say I finished my last 10 questions or so pretty quickly, when in doubt pick C right?!! We were given the previous curriculum's diploma exam instead of the new one. We are still waiting to see whether or not we will be exempted or if we will have to redo the exam in June. Needless to say it was stressful day to end my week. One week from today I'll be back out at the acreage, starting a new semester and hopefully all this will be cleared up. Anyway enough of this it's over and life goes on...

1. When I first saw this picture I thought of how beautiful the trees and the sky were and what a unique way of portraying a landscape picture! I love everything about this :)
2. I'm a sucker for botanical prints, this particular one I can imagine gracing the cover of a journal, or even in the mix of a wall of art.
3. I came upon this photoshoot originally from, The Clothes Horse, who I follow on Blogger. It has a great mix of colour and black and white old Paris esque pictures. I just love the very stereotypical 1920's Paris cafe scenes that you can see throughout this photoshoot.
4. I must say that after seeing again and again DIY's that listed washi tape under the supply lists, nothing sold me on this tape except this picture frame DIY. For an apartment, dorm room or rental that doesn't allow you to hang anything on your walls, this is perfect!
5. After recieving the wide instax film camera for my birthday, I've been experimenting with the film world. This picture which includes a beautiful colour pallette that stretches from the peachy and yellow poppies, and the bluey-grey rustic table to the dreamy polaroid pictures themselves, inspires me to create and strive for this sort of mood in my pictures as well.
6. A beautiful form of politeness...dressing beautifully is indeed the best way to make an impression, aquire your own taste, and ultimately be polite.