Well it's 2013 already, Downtown Abbey has started, the NHL lockout has ended (ready for the season to begin!), diploma exams are on the horizon and we survived 2012 haha! I've been meaning to check in for awhile now but I haven't had the energy I suppose.  I had a post in mind that contained those Madeleine's up there ^ but I haven't got around to editing the photos. 
Today was our first day back at school which isn't real thrilling, exams are coming up and the race against time and finishing up units is on full force! I picked up a book from the library on Saturday, Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven, and have been reading it non-stop ever since, I can't tell you if it's because it's good or because I desperately need something to keep my mind off of the impending exams -- have I mentioned exams enough already? I guess it's just been on my mind lately :/ in Alberta diploma exams count for 50% of our final mark in grade 12 -- talk about pressure! 
I thought because I haven't got any new material as far as photo's are concerned I would let you know about my instagram account -- my pictures are much more frequent there then on here :) You can find me by clicking one of the pictures under Instagram on my sidebar or by searching, blushbyalady in the search bar of the Instagram app. 
If you can't already tell I'm loving the Afterglow app for my instagram pics and have used the circle frame farely regularly! It's also a great app for editing your photo's quickly and has way more filters then the ones that come with instagram, I think its something like 0.99 cents but well worth it -- coming from somebody who never purchases any of her apps! And they update it with new features every single month and take in requests for improvement, pretty good I'd say.
I better be off then, I've got some reading to do!

Bronté <3