It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Wide, sparkling fields snow vestured lie
Beneath a blue, unshadowed sky;



A glistening splendor crowns the woods
And bosky, whistling solitudes;
In hemlock glen and reedy mere


The tang of frost is sharp and clear;

Life hath a jollity and zest,

A poignancy made manifest;
Laughter and courage have their way
At noontide of a winter's day.
~ L.M. Montgomery ~


A couple of weeks ago we were able to fill our once empty living room with couches that our dad got from the city. It's one of our favourite rooms in the evening, where we can read and relax by the fireplace without getting distracted by whatever is being watched on t.v. 
Recently, however, in the evenings we've been enjoying watching episodes from the British television series, Call the Midwife, on iTunes.



It's funny how close you can tell it's getting to Christmas, everyone is posting pictures of Christmas tree hunting and decorating, Christmas music playlists are being made and the students at school are getting restless!
Our last day of school is on the 21st so we have quite a bit of time left before our Christmas Holidays. With diploma exams coming up in January (worth 50% of our overall mark) we're getting close to the wire, it hasn't hit yet though, no the pressure will start building once the Holidays are out of the way. 
For Christmas this year I think almost everyone from my dad's side of the family is going to be coming up. I can't help feeling this is going to be the last time we're all able to be together, so I'll be cherishing this Christmas for a long time. 
I've been working on some things for Christmas presents as well as getting my brother, Christian, who is in the city to pick up some things ;) if all goes well I'll be done and able to relax once we're out of school.
Yes I think all in all this Christmas will be one to remember...