This was the first year we had Thanksgiving at our house, me and mom were in charge of the desserts which included pumpkin pie (of course), pecan tarts and pumpkin magic bars. There was about 20 of us including Christian who was able to come up this weekend bringing our family number back to 6. All in all it was a fun weekend full of family and food :)

frosted rosehips

Sadly the frost has turned to snow! We were warned this week via the weather network that we were going to have a dreary week full of rain and flurries and then this morning we woke up to a couple of centimetres of snow and the trees covered in hoar frost. It's not expected to stay but it was quite the shock nonetheless and it doesn't give us solace to know that 6 or 7 months of this is ahead!



Anyway I hope all you Canadians had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I am grateful for my family, my saviour and the beautiful country we live in :)

P.S. I was planning on taking more pictures of the upstairs in our house but I didn't seem to get around to it - plus my siblings room's looked like a bomb had gone off in them…not really picture material!