Blogger Envy - The Clothes Horse

I follow only a short amount of blogs, perhaps 20 or so and they all pass a mental, subconscious test which in turn catches my attention and in only a short time span I'm hooked. This subliminal exam has since now escaped me, I have only since found out the criteria in which I evaluate the kind of blogs that I love. 
I have found that I'm drawn towards bloggers whose photography is beautiful and intriguing, their writing is a quality in which I look to emulate, who continually make me inspired either with their words or their content. It's a strange thought to know that somehow I'm being drawn to blogs and similarly vlogs on YouTube that fit my own unconscious examinations. For example it has come to my attention that many of my favourite bloggers/vloggers share my own faith. 
Maybe your under the same illusion I was, that the internet in it's vastness only contained non-religious people, however friendly they may be. It seems silly to think of it now, how I just assumed people were not Christians. I'm not entirely ignorant of the fact that their are many Christians in this world and why not have them produce content that I enjoy to read/look at on blogger. 
More precisely, perhaps, I thought that I would not find people who share my own interests and talents as well as share my faith. Besides my own family I have met few people who qualify in those regards.  Maybe that is why I find it strange the number of people I have grown to love on the internet who have all fit into that mold. 
One of the blogs which I have been following for quite some time now continually inspires me. Her life which has been spent moving from place to place, and the places/adventures that she goes on seem to mirror my own favourite characters in books, as if she too was a female heroine in a novel. Abandoned train cars, barns, pathways and amusement parks have become the setting of most of her pictures. Her ability to catch an almost ethereal beauty in her photography and outfits is amazing. It could be her pixie cut, or her petite frame, but she often reminds me of a little pixie or nymph herself. She very rarely wears pants, flouncing about in twirly dresses which generally assume the same silhouette. The quality of her writing is enviable, she seems to express certain feelings and emotions that I have experienced as well upon occasion and have tried and failed to express into words myself.
Her name is Rebecca from The Clothes Horse, her charming blog which in my understanding has been up for a number of years, inspires me everyday to improve upon my own writing abilities, continue experimenting with the pictures I take and the different outfits that I wear.
The pictures above are photographed by her friend Jon, who is also an amazing writer, and comes from a post called, That Girl, it's beautifully written and you should all go and check out her blog for more. 

"Everyone knows the one; a fey creature that seems spun out of myth instead of reality like the rest of us. You spot her in the middle of a crowd or on a busy subway platform passing you as she gets on and you get off…You don't know what it is exactly that catches your eye, maybe it's the way she smiles as if she has a secret she's never shared with anyone, or maybe it's the way she moves as if air was water and you can't really describe her appearance or clothes except to say they're somehow an extension of herself…It's unlikely you will cross the expanse of strangers or subway platforms or barren sand to form an introduction, so instead she remains a distant figure that haunts your memory long after she slips beyond your sight…Most of the time I want to be myself--more of an observer than someone hoping to be seen, noticed, remembered...But sometimes I want to be that girl the one that catches your eye--and in those times sequins seem appropriate, even at a river's edge."