A Winter Day

Wide, sparkling fields snow-vestured lie.
Beneath a blue, unshadowed sky;
A glistening splendor crowns the woods
And bosky, whistling solitudes;
In hemlock glen and reedy mere
The tang of frost is sharp and clear;
Life hath a jollity and zest,
A poignancy made manifest;
Laughter and courage have their way
At noontide of a winter's day.
~ L.M. Montgomery ~DSC_0075

The brief fall season has ended here in Northern Alberta and in it's wake came a winter wonderland. It seems to me that we don't usually have snow before Halloween but alas all the trumpet's of the sky have announced the snow. 
Recently we have acquired two little cats and have been a little traumatized by the attention of two great big dogs. Mom and I have christened them Dot and Edith! Their proper English cats :) That's what Seth is distracted by, it took awhile to get a shot of him because they were both riled up.


This afternoon mom and I have tackled the dining room wallpaper and it's looks lovely! After attempting to do the master bedroom wall a week or so before we moved in, we have been rather reluctant to do this room with more expensive paper. 
And with almost no mishaps with the wallpaper I think this has been a pretty productive day, even if I didn't get in the shower till 4!
My lovely Grandparents after being in the city this past week for a couple of days and were able to stop by IKEA to get some table legs for my desk…hopefully that will be up before next weekend.
Tomorrow is church and then it's our Great Grandma's 91st birthday party!
Well I'm going to have some tea and sit down and admire our wallpaper :)
Have a good week!