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 We are moved! Our construction site has turned into a home. The first night we slept here was Sunday August 12, 2012, a truly monumental day for us. Pictures will be coming quite soon hopefully. It took awhile to actually get our internet up and running out here, so we got a bit of reading done, started and finished my first book in what seems like months. I think we are officially country folk now, picking wildflowers and taking walks at sundown…ahh...I can get used to this. 
The lack of an oven kind of stings though, my idle mind keeps dreaming of french macaroons, a lavender iced cake on our newly un-boxed china plates and rolling out pie crust on our marble island…one can dream. Oh and if you have any stovetop dinner recipes please share, the lack of oven and a barbecue really strain our creative juices, meal-wise.
Another monumental event, we used a dishwasher for the first time in 2 years the other night, and I don't mean a human dishwasher…an actual factual mechanical dishwasher! It was quite the event, which may seem sad to most but it was tiresome washing a mountain of dishes twice a day.
Anyways have a great week!

P.S. sorry for the lack of links to the original owner of these pictures but tumblr does not help in that department and unfortunately that's where these were pinned from.