Victoria Day


Have a cupcake :) I made these Thursday night, because I really wanted to try out this cake recipe except as cupcakes. They turned out amazing!!  

May long weekend really woke up our small town, trailers and RVs flooded the streets Saturday, I'm sure most of them heading out to the lake. Some of our family gathered Saturday night at our cabin on the lake and we had a little barbecue and then a little walk around the campground, oh yes and a "quick minute at the park" as my little cousin said. The rest of our weekend was spent painting our house and assembling our IKEA kitchen! I actually spent yesterday, after church, making a little garden in the entryway of our path, Wanderlust. I had got some wildflower seeds to sprinkle in the soil, so that when we finally did move in I could have more of a selection of flowers to put in a little vase in my room.

Anyway I hope you have a wonderful Victoria Day, and if you don't live in Canada I hope you have an amazing Monday :)