Perfectly French








I think I look a little like Jean Seberg in my striped dress and cropped hair :) I plucked these beautiful tulips from my dearest Great Grandmothers garden. She was worried that it was going to rain so she got me to come over and mow her lawn but, mostly she wanted to keep up with her neighbours, who had also cut their lawn! Anyways she told me I could take a bouquet away with me.

Lately I have been in a sort of reading limbo, so to speak, I haven't the will to read a new book but my old favourites are almost all in a box downstairs, stowed away until the day we move into our new house. The house by the way is coming along fast, we had someone come in to mud the drywall as well as prime, he finished yesterday. Anyways I have a book waiting at the library for me to pick up, A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. My dad has read almost all his books and I can remember when we were on holidays he would read a chapter or two to us as we lied in bed :) 

I felt like reading a perfectly french themed book, probably because I felt nostalgic about The Paris Wife which I read last year and because my graduation trip with my Grandparents is going to be in France. I dream about sitting at a cafe having coffee and reading a book! No tours, just exploring and getting to know the people at our yet to be decided location. I will of course insist on a few trips into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and get lost in the Louvre, but I want a rural French experience. 

Well I hope your week was perfectly lovely and that you will have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with your mom's! I love my mom so much and I'm so proud of her hard work at our house and the time she takes to make our days here at the duplex feel like home <3