My creation
After living in Northern Alberta for like my whole life I probably should have been prepared for this but it seems to surprise us every year. Since my post that had pictures of the hoar frost on all the trees, it's warmed up considerably. The snow was 95% melted, there was barely any puddles anymore and it seemed like spring had come. We all took the time to put away our winter coats hoping to never see them again for quite sometime. I even began wondering if I should stop wearing tights under my skirts and dresses! But alas Friday afternoon came, it had been raining all morning and the previous night, and as the temperature dropped so did great big snowflakes. It hasn't stopped. In the last 24 hours we've accumulated 2 ft of snow, more than we've had all winter at one time. I suppose it is good moisture and it will be gone within the next couple of weeks but, I'm thinking rain would have sufficed.My creationI spent this Saturday inside making a Spring Agenda to bring with me to each class and write down notes and reminders as well as due dates. Sometime this week I'm going to take a trip to our local thrift store and grab a couple old hardcover books, gut them and then insert my own binding of papers, for a journal or perhaps an Art Journal…who knows but I'll share some pictures of it when all is said and done. Have a good rest of the weekend! I hope yours is more spring-y then mine will be :)
Au Revoir