Happy Easter!

This week went by sooo…fast! Our school had the week off for spring break and I've had a lot of lazy days just bumming around. My mother is a photographer and I was deemed the assistant for most of the summer weddings {as long as it doesn't interfere with school}. A couple of weeks back she ordered her back-up body {and as long as her camera works smoothly, the assistant, moi, gets to snap her own pictures from a different perspective}. So naturally I've taken this week off to get to know the camera and practice a little bit. This is what has come out of it this week :) I don't think there half bad for a newbie!
My creation
Since Easter was coming up I've done a lot of baking {some for Easter dinner at my Aunt's and some just because}! The first and last photos in this collage {diagonal from each other}, is in our top favourite recipes {and all citrus/shortbread lovers will think so as well}, it's borrowed from one of Martha Stewart's Holiday magazines, Lime Meltaways. The cake I decided on a whim to bake on Sunday {iced and eaten on Monday at my Grandma's house, watching an Oilers game}, I found this on Pinterest, the chocolate cake with {salted caramel} frosting, and it brought me too Kimberly Taylor images. Okay last but certainly not least, my youngest brother, Calder, helped me accomplish this shot, willingly putting on a dress shirt {pinching him a couple times in the process of unbuttoning the sleeves} and throwing on our older brother's old vest {Christian}! With Easter coming, as well as our family number returning to 6 again, we had to make a couple batches of Hasty Tasty Hot Cross Buns, a family favourite. Despite the fact that we had to grudgingly giving up the raisins for currants {I managed to get Christian to admit that currants were just smaller versions of raisins, but he had to add "without the poison"}
My creation
Well that's all for now :) I hope everyone has a brilliant Easter, enjoying family and friends.

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time ~ Martin Luther