Yesterday we celebrated my eldest brother's Birthday who turned 21! He just finished his 2nd year at university and our family number returned to 6 on Wednesday. Calder and Dad took a couple days off to pick him up from the city and they made it a boy's trip. Meanwhile mom, Blythe and I stayed home by our lonesome…we had a fun time though, we made low calorie brownies and ate it with low fat ice cream while watching a couple of episodes of Downtown Abbey :) Overall this week went by really slowly, but eating a turkey dinner and then having butterscotch pie and whip cream really helped make it worth it! Next Thursday I'm sooo…excited our school is going to the Citadel in the city and watching Sound of Music! {kind of ironic because I heard about it after I published my blog post on A Few of my Favourite Things!} Well ta ta for now :)

This is just something I've been listening to all week, Dino: The Essential Dean Martin Album